FAITHPOINTS Family Devotions
A 5 minute weekday devotional for the family
Posted by Brett Golson on Monday Jul 25, 2011


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This is a test
Posted by Micah on Thursday Jun 16, 2011
This is a test

test blog

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GOD is Patient
Posted by Micah on Wednesday Jun 8, 2011
GOD is Patient

You, O Lord, are a God of mercy and grace, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth. Psalm 86:15


Paul referred to God as “the God of Patience.” The Bible calls on us to be like Christ, and to put on, like a coat, a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. God’s Word says we are to put up with each other’s little annoying habits, and forgive one another, just as God has forgiven us.


Thankfully, God is patient with us, and slow to anger. That phrase in the original language (Hebrew) means “long anger.” God works a long time in our lives to help us get our act together and obey Him fully, without getting angry.


As we allow God to patiently work in our lives, we will become more like Jesus in our actions and attitudes.


When you pray, thank God that He never gives up on us, and continues to work patiently with us.


Say or sing these words from “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”


Thou art giving and forgiving,

Ever blessing, ever blest,

Well-spring of the joy of living,

Ocean depth of happy rest! 

Thou our Father, Christ our brother,

All who live in love are thine;

Teach us how to love each other,

Lift us to the joy divine.

Henry van Dyke



Click here to send a prayer request to the Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

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January 1
Posted by Micah on Thursday Mar 31, 2011
January 1

This is my January 1 Post

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